Fate's Brand

Session 1

Session 1 – 1/22/16

Rather than do a full session write up that will take me forever and you might not even read, I figured I’d give you the bullet-point version and if someone else wants to do an in character journal for some xp that would be cool.

• Found out that the Baron Petrof’s kids were captured and their bodyguards were found mangled and partially eaten
• A group of young people from the local village of Whiteridge decided to grab some old gear and try to rescue them from the old Slave Pits to the north
• Members of the party had heard the follow rumors about the Pits
o The pits are overrun by abandoned mutant slaves
o There is a secret entrance in the bottom of the ravine, determined to be false
• The party had the choice to check out an old tower or a tree and settled on the tower which was manned by two goblins with bows
• Matt’s fighter character, Lord Punching Bag, was dropped to unconsciousness by an arrow before being stabilized by Zac
• The party split up, one half laying down cover fire and distracting the goblins while the other assaulted the tower
• Inside the ruined tower, the group found another adventuring party that had been killed by something (ominous dun dun dun) as well as an old desk full of papers and stairs further down
• After finishing off the goblin guards (and the loss of a party member) and looting, the party proceeded down the stairs and bashed in the next door to find 4 more goblins and a mutated goblin chief
• After a tough battle that included Tim’s fighter getting enlarged and laying down the smack, Zac’s beekeeper getting obliterated by a double crit and Matt’s wizard bull-rushing a goblin then slipping and falling down a well on top of that goblin, the party won the fight
• In the chief’s chambers the party found the missing kids, quite a bit of treasure including silver, copper and scrolls and a mechanical bird of mysterious manufacture
• The party dragged their fallen members back to town to prepare for the next adventure

Quest threads:
Wizard Kane’s notes (more on these later)
Mechanical bird
Baron’s children
Further exploration of the Goblin Gully


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