Fate's Brand

Session 2


Session 2 – 2/5/16

• Visited the town wizard, Gandorf the Glum, bought out his supply of potions and spells
• On the way to Petrof manor, spoke to some refugees from the Kingdom of Cirth who warned of disturbing events they claim include lightning storms, swarms of locusts and the dead rising
• Deposited the kids at the Petrof estate, dealt with the chamberlain and took 3 henchmen as payment
• Went deeper into the tower side of the goblin gully, killing goblins
• Dropped a pony on some goblins
• Found a hidden chamber with two elf bodies, gave the warden of the elf tomb a glowing magic sword so she wouldn’t kill the party
• Assaulted the depths of the tower and confronted a massive pile of flesh that killed 4 party members. Seeing the rest of the party engulfed in sickening pseudo-limbs of living flesh, the party Wizards fled

Quest threads:
Mechanical Bird
Offer of a quest from the Baron in exchange for some magic items
Kingdom of Cirth
Hag outside of town who sells salves and tonics

Notable NPC’s:
Baron Petrof
Gandorf the Glum
Wizard Kane


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