Fate's Brand

Session 3

Session 3 – 2/26/16
• Met new adventurer’s:
o Rodnick – Dwarf Cleric
o Miramar – Dwarf Cleric
o Saphira – Elf Rogue
o Vaccio – Human Rogue
o Ragnor – Dwarf Fighter
o Clyde – Human Wizard

• Went to Tavern to check out new quests:
o Mysterious happenings in a cave up the coast
o Baron’s summons to defend his keep
• Party elected to venture back to Baron Petrof’s keep in hopes of gaining his help in future endeavors
• Finally met the Baron Petrof and found him cold and calculating but still decided, after some negotiation, to take a contract to kill goblins
• Fought off goblins while shoring up the defenses, killed 4 hobgoblins and 17 goblins and drove off many more
• Discovered that the goblin clans have joined forces, at least for a short time, for some mysterious reason
• Lost only one party member, Ragnor

Quest Threads:
Mechanical Bird
Strange Occurrences in the caves north of town
9 Finger’s clan of goblins
Kingdom of Cirth
Hag outside of town who sells salves and tonics

Notable NPC’s:
Baron Petrof
Gandorf the Glum
Wizard Kane


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