Fate's Brand

Session 4

Session 4 - 3/11/16

We did quite a bit, so I’m going to zip right along.

Questioned the two hobgoblin captives. Learned that there were 3 clans present for the siege: the 9 Fingers, Redhawks, and Rotten Teeth. The 9 Fingers we learned have no shamans and reside South of the blighted wood in a 2 day travel. They have over 100 warriors. There is also a new chieftain of the clans, and he had gathered the tribes in the first moot in ages.
After questioning the hobgoblins, we turned them over to the city once more and went to the chamberlain to collect our reward (142 Gold). We ended up trading 70 of that gold, along with all the ruined goblin gear, to the chamberlain in exchange for a light wagon, a horse, and tack.
From there we set off back toward Whiteridge. Along the way, we had a look at the mechanical bird but couldn’t distinguish anything truly new.
When we got to Whiteridge, we found out that they had been the victims of a goblin raid in the night. We supplied the town with our extra bows, armor, mace, and shield, along with healing their wounded, before heading back out to search for Hag Etta. (We also checked on Gandorf, but he was not home)
The search for the hag led us to an evergreen forest that was rumored to house more mutated creatures. Sure enough, soon we began to hear odd whispers and strange noises directing us to leave the woods, which we ignored. At one point we were jumped by three Mongrel Men. After defeating them, we found a leather talisman on one (130 GP).
The path led us to a dilapidated cottage in the middle of a clearing. Saphira and Rodrick decided to go in and have a look, hoping this was Etta’s home. Upon entering the clearing, they both fell under a heavy enchantment, influencing them to see the cottage as something familiar to them individually and turning the Hag inside into a charismatic member of the individuals race. She agreed to provide the party with a magical belt, a wand of delay poison, 9 1d4 and 7 1d6 healing tonics, provided the party could bring her 6 live zombies. We agreed to her terms and set out.
We had heard that there was a system of caves nearby that strange noises were heard from. Several boats and a loan explorer had also gone missing in the seaside caves. A 750 GP reward had been posted, and that, along with the thought that the disturbance may have been zombies, took us there.
We camped outside the cave, waiting for the tide to roll back and the cave entrance to again be visible before we entered in.
In a tide pool right inside the cave, we nearly had an altercation with a few giant crabs (large sized); however, the party thought better of it and left them alone.
Venturing further inside, Saphira and Vacio were able to locate a den of pirate skeletons protecting treasure and the wreckage of a ship. The party entered the room and after a swift fight, in which Rodrick and Miramar called down the wrath of the dwarven ancestors, 8 pirates were slain, including the captain. We collected 180 GP worth of coin and a magical short sword.
We have until evening to get back out before the caves flood again. I’m not sure if we found that the caves continue or if we explored most everything.
Stuff left to do:
Collect bounty of 750 GP
Find Zombies
Figure out this darn bird

(Written by Zac)


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