Fate's Brand

Session 5

Session 5 - 3/25/16

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!

I did it again, dear diary, and it was so stupid. One minute we’re all standing around trying to talk

Bearenard into leaving the bag of gold behind and walk away and the next thing I know I’ve lost my

temper and I’m standing there with my staff in both hands like a club. My staff whiffed past Bearenard.

I missed, but oh, my, the look in his eyes! I don’t know him all that well. I suppose I should be glad that

he didn’t take that new sword of his and poke me with it. It’s a good thing he isn’t the one with the hot

temper. Speaking of that new sword. There’s something strange about it. It makes Bearenard look and

act different. When he pulls it out of its scabbard he goes kind of gray and skinny looking. I plan to keep

an eye on him.

But I should start from the beginning. This journal is supposed to be a record of the things that have

happened during my adventures and not of my temper tantrums.

We were exploring the cave. After we killed all those skeleton creatures, we decided to walk through

the next tunnel and look around. There were several tunnels going in different directions so I’ll just

record the interesting paths here. The first room we walked into seemed to be full of mushrooms and

fungus and some kind of ooze. Roarengarph thought of using his Burning Hands and he and Clyde

burned a bunch of them off, but there was still a lot more of the cavern to walk through. Bearenard

walked right in and a big cloud of spores puffed up. He almost went blind there for a while. The next

thing we knew there were these 2 giant mushrooms attacking us! We killed them and Roarengarph

summoned a pony to walk on through to make sure there were no more creatures in the room. We

followed slowly across the floor and no more spores got us.

We heard music and followed the sound into a large room. It was like walking into someone’s living

quarters. There was a large phonograph player, a chair by a fireplace, a bureau and some other

furniture. On the table by the chair there was a pipe, still smoking, as if someone had just left it.

Bearenard went crazy. I think it’s that new sword of his. He started digging through drawers, looking

through the persons things. He found a bag that jingled, probably with gold in it, and tried to steal it!

Miramar made him put it back but the way he was acting in that room, that’s what finally brought about

the thumping. While they were poking around in the room Roarengarph disappeared. He was there

one minute following us along the tunnel and the next second he was gone. Something tried to grab

Clyde too and he screamed like a little girl! That was a good thing though because it warned the rest of

us. That’s probably what saved him from being grabbed as well. Later when we were going back we

found Roarengarph all tied up and lying in the mud. He was ok though and I cut him loose with my


The last cavern we entered contained a large pool of water. Around the outside edge was a rock

outcropping flat enough to walk on. We heard splashing. Roarengarph detected magic and found 6

magical signatures. I cast my ghost sound and made it seem like there was someone walking up the trail

to the right and then to the left. On both sides something sent water splashing over the rocks. Saphira

and Aryssa bravely snuck up the trail to look around. Well, Bearenard being Bearenard, he just walked

on up the trail. Water elementals attacked him and the rest of us had to follow. One of the elementals

pushed Miramar into the water! He can’t swim and, being a dwarf, is so short that the water came all

the way up over his head. Fortunately he enlarged himself and was soon tall enough to get his head

above the water. We killed 5 water elementals in all but one escaped. Clyde and I were able to eat the

hearts of the elementals we killed. That was a little creepy, but it means that we will be able to enter the

Blazing Fist School. Rodnick said there was some kind of portal to another place there. I have no idea

what that means. Something to do with the elementals, I guess. Oh, and Clyde kicked a toad.

When we came out of the water elemental’s cavern there was an old man in full armor leaning on the

tunnel wall. He accused us of ruining his mushroom farm and ransacking his room. Both those things

were true, of course, but I didn’t want to admit that to him because I wasn’t sure what he’d do to us.

We talked for a while and found out that his name was Conner Ginley. Rodnick remembered that he was

a war hero of old. We think that he is hiding out in the caverns to be away from people and society.

After all his battles he deserves to be left in peace. We will do our best to keep his secret and keep the

curious away from his caves. It’ safe now for travelers by the seaside and we can collect our 750gp

reward for killing the pirate skeletons. After our adventures in the caverns, we returned to our wagon to

camp for the night.

Loot from skeleton pirates: chest of coins worth 180gp and the “Sword of Bones,” a cursed artifact

worth 1500gp and with +5 resistance

XP: 180 per person

No loot from mushrooms

XP: 185 per person

Loot from water elementals: 10 opals, 15 aquamarines

XP: 285 per person

A list of the members of our party:


Clyde- Chris

Berenard- Tony

Roarengarph- Matt

Miramar- Tim

Glynne- Julie

Aryssa -Jaylen

Saphira- Jaden

(Written by Julie)


samthe3rd samthe3rd

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