Fate's Brand

Session 8

Session 8 - 5/13/16

Left Marlock to seek out the Monastery of the Order of the Badger.
Found that it had been taken over by servants of Savretoth, a deity in direct opposition to the Badger.
Decided to negotiate and agreed to bring meat and bread in exchange for passage into the monastery. Were warned about the Skulker, a dangerous and feral druid.
Explored and eventually found a secret passage in the basement.
Unearthed and fought a mummy, Bearenard and Vaccio only survived due to a combination of heroics and luck.
Found the sepulcher of Logan and retrieved his claws.
Were waylaid by the Skulker on the way out of the monastery and rather than fight him on his turf, while injured, the party agreed to give him 1/4 share of treasure and passage into Marlock.
Returned to the Inn.


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