Fate's Brand

Session 9

Session 9 - 5/26/16

Divided treasure and split up for Market Day
Traded the Blade of Bone for a Bright Bow (no ammo required)
Acquired the Spiked Buckler commissioned earlier and bought armor for the fighters
Returned Logan’s claws and offended the Order of the Badger
Clyde, Miramar, Arissa, Rodnick, Saphira and Bearenard went to Quaff’s Distillery and all but Bearenard accepted the Tasting Trial. Clyde was the only one to succeed fully with Saphira and Arissa turning green, Miramar being haunted by a faerie and Rodnick being permanently affected by a vulnerability to undead. Clyde was offered a further quest to clear out molds from the mushroom farms and to carry a strain of fungi to the farm.
Meanwhile Glynne and Roarengarph went to Identify magical items. After narrowly avoiding an ambush they successfully helped the thieves and were offered a part share in a “business venture.”
Finally, the whole party decided to collect the bounty on Hogleg Jenkins. Roarengarph bravely offered to Disguise himself and lure Hogleg out and then the party ambushed him. It was a close battle for Bearenard but after quite a bit of hand to hand fighting, the party subdued the giant man and drug him to jail.


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