Fate's Brand

Session 7

Session 7 - 4/28/16

· Returned to the site of the previous session’s battle with goblins

· Found traces of the summoned creature, 3 live goblins and a shaman mask

· Returned to Whiteridge and consulted with the constable who requested that the party interrogate the goblins while she kept the mask

· Interrogated the goblins and learned:

o The new leader is human and has 2 other humans as counsellors/bodyguards

o The goblins are attempting to make peace with a “Dark Lady” who has taken up residence in an abandoned lighthouse south of town

o The attacks so far have been mostly information gathering and another, larger attack, is imminent

· The party left Whiteridge hoping to gain more knowledge about the mechanical bird and to seek a Removal of Bearenard’s curse

· Arrived at Marlock

o Found out that the mechanical bird most likely originated in a clockwork city called Ulan

o Visited a few shops for appraisal of gems, learned that the actual Market day is on Thursdays

o Sought out the Disciples of the Badger for removal of the curse

· The Bishop of the Disciples, an older man named Richard Etoff, agreed to remove Bearenard’s curse in exchange for the party’s return of a relic called Logan’s Claws in an old monastery

Quest Threads:
Mechanical Bird and the clockwork city
Goblin invasion of Whiteridge
Logan’s Claws

Notable NPC’s:
Disciples of the Badger, led by Richard Etoff


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